If you watched the Bears-Saints game yesterday afternoon, you have to have seen the blocked punt by a hustling J. T. Gray. Gray came from behind one of his own players and darted toward Pat O’Donnell who was in his motion. A straight on desperate gutsy play and it was not even in close–O’Donnell had no chance to avoid the block.  The block led to a safety and a Saints lead. The Saints went on to beat the Bears, 36-25.

Grey is listed as a defensive back for the saints. He is 23 years old and came from Mississippi State last year. Grey was a member of the SEC Honor Roll at Mississippi State. He has been a regular on special teams for the Saints–special team play is how many athletes make an NFL roster. Last year he was on and off the roster. It’s hard to gauge just how on a single play affects a game, but it certainly couldn’t have helped the Bears cause particularly early in the game.

The Bears will recover and fix a number of things in the coming week before they take on the Chargers.