Kids need positive reinforcement

Sports books can provide positive reinforcement and motivation for kids. And sports books can be fun to read. In our Winning Ways Series, we cover a mix of sports topics and American history, culture and self-help, without making it painful. As a kid I remember getting those book brochures during school and fixing my eyes on certain sports books. A few photos and some bits and pieces on favorite players and teams–reading these book was quick and painless. 

At Sporting Chance Press, we’ve taken the concept a little further. In addition to the fun stuff kids are attracted to in books, we include a few painless lessons or learning experiences. So our Winning Ways books include some sports history along with some American History. They include photos and illustrations that are both entertaining and educational. Our questions cover sports and factual events they will come across in school. Our glossary  or vocabulary words, define many of the concepts from the book, both sports and other topics. So the books have entertaining material as well as the kind of material that parents, teachers, and others will want to promote. 

BASEBALL’S WINNING WAYS is written for enjoyment, inspiration, and information by the author of The 10 Commandments of Baseball, J. D. Thorne. BASEBALL’S WINNING WAYS examines baseball eras and their backgrounds, along with profiles of great current and past players. The drama of the game, its history, baseball superstitions, statistics, and the story of trading cards are presented clearly for teenage readers. The central theme of the book is baseball’s principles that are essential to the best baseball programs. The author points out that baseball promotes certain virtues that are so important today. These are the values that parents, grandparents, teachers, and coaches want to pass down to the next generation—as important now as ever.

PAPA BEAR AND THE CHICAGO BEARS’ WINNING WAYS reviews the exciting story of George Halas and his dynamic role in professional football for teen readers and older. Halas who was present in the first days of the National Football League (NFL) all the way into the modern age of football. Author Patrick McCaskey, a Chicago Bears Vice President and Director, is a grandson of Papa Bear George Halas. McCaskey highlights his grandfather’s life with key events from the 20th century. McCaskey follows Halas as a student, athlete, soldier, coach, team owner—a man of commerce and community. Halas’s 20th century path is laid out before readers in the middle grades. 

PAPA BEAR AND THE CHICAGO BEARS’ WINNING WAYS includes some of the coach’s important words of wisdom that young people need today to achieve success. These “winning ways” are used in exercises that were originally devised by Ben Franklin that readers will find helpful and interesting. A glossary, special exercises, a quiz and discussion questions help readers expand their interest and learning experiences. Readers are taken on a short journey through history that helps them expand their understanding of our world. The book introduces Halas quotes and the methods of one of America’s founding fathers and original self-help gurus, Ben Franklin.

I think it’s important to understand that books for kids are not exhaustive works on history and culture. They provide enough to get kids interested in pursuing more and more. One book opens up a subject for the reader and more searching is bound to take place. 

Please note on Amazon PAPA BEAR AND THE CHICAGO BEARS’ WINNING WAYS is currently being offered at an Amazon-reduced price.  It will not last.