We are working on a couple books that we have the words “winning ways” in the titles Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways and Baseball’s Winning Ways).  Both are books for boys that have an interesting routine that was developed by Benjamin Franklin to help establish habits of virtue or principles. Franklin wanted to be virtuous, but at an early age, he knew he needed to instill habits of virtue.

Of course, we all know how bad habits work today. Our taste for bad news leads us to paying a lot more attention to bad stuff going on and creating bad habits. We don’t seem to be supporting good habits nearly enough. Some of us don’t take our kids to church or practice any religious habits. Is it really surprising to see kids hooked on pornography, violent games, and a constant stream of bad behavior from celebrity drama? That is piled on top of mountains of fast food, gigantic amounts of caffeine, and enormous sugary sweets.

If kids can  be exposed to good virtues and principles of behavior, maybe we can help them develop habits. Franklin’s methods might just help. That’s what our winning ways books are focused on doing. Watch this space for coming attractions.