As parents most of us encourage our children to follow our faith. In today’s culture, children are taught in so many ways not to follow their parent’s faith. Culture has a mind of its own, it can be influenced, but it is something that cannot be controlled entirely. When children abandon many of their parents principles, and many of them do, at least temporarily, the line of do’s and don’t is often a matter of what is legal and what is not. Most kids don’t like to flaunt the law. The law can punish.

So when the Courts ruled that the right to abortion was a legal right according to the Constitution, millions of Americans were influenced by this. When unwanted pregnancies came along, the United States government said that it was a woman’s right to have an abortion. For modern Americans who often have no faith or no firm principles of faith, it was written in stone–you can end this pregnancy. And they did.

Many legal scholars have suggested that there never was anything in the Constitution that made abortion a legal right. And many have said that it is something that individual states can approve and should deal with rather than a right under the constitution. So after the Supreme Court’s action this week, the issue will be taken up by the states. It will be up to each state to decide whether abortion is legal within the state or not. I suspect that the issue will be a lot more complicated than it sounds. The political process is generally not so simple and beside that, there are drugs that can cross borders and who knows where that will lead. But at least on some level, in many states, abortion will be viewed as something that may require more introspection.

Pregnancy, like the start of many things in life, is risky. How many of us know young people who wait until their financial situation can insure the best family outcome before they have children. How many of us know people who are self absorbed and either don’t want children to encrouch on their lifestyle or they suggest that they would not be good parents and are therefore doing their best for the human race by having none. Others may want children, but have some family history of illness that leads them¬† to avoid pregnancy. And then there are those who have them with seemingly no concern for finances, maturity, health conditions, and a proper partner. And yet, even when all the stars line up perfectly, a child can be born into a family at exactly the right time and things just don’t go right. Or a child can be born into a family at exactly the “wrong time” and it all works out. Having children is always risky.¬† Just like most important things in life, we should do the best to give ourself and the baby the best possible situation. But that can be done before a pregnancy. Of course, human beings are flawed and we often find ourselves in difficult situations. That’s really the nature of our existence. We screw up and things happen. We react, and learn something with each situation. If ever we decide that a quick fix is available to eliminate our problem, but it involves someone else’s suffering, that should get us thinking in a different direction. If that someone is an innocent child who no one wants to stand up for, well that’s a bigger problem and when that happens there is something terribly wrong with our world.

Today, there is a little less wrong with our world. Where do we want to take it?