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 “Let the Baseball Playoff Games Begin”

The last time Milwaukee played in the World Series was in 1982.  Living in Milwaukee then, I testify that the experience of earning the spot to compete for the World Championship was compelling, exotic, intoxicating and interesting all the way!  Ask the fan whose team makes it.

I remember arriving late to game five of the division playoffs against the California Angels.  I had taken my family first to Great America Amusement Park.  The game started in late afternoon, and in about the 3rd inning as I came past Milwaukee County Stadium driving home.  On a whim, I stopped just to see if I might find some seats left for the rest of the game.  There were still some standing tickets left and we found some seats in the top row of the lower grandstands. After the Brewers won, many of us the stormed onto the field.  I joined them with my four year old son on my shoulders!

During the World Series itself, I knew Milwaukee was in the national spotlight when in the evening after a home game I heard the whirring of what sounded like a motor boat floating directly over my home.  It was the Goodyear Blimp returning to its base at a small airfield nearby.

The glory of it all was only tarnished by a loss in the 7th game.  If the Brewers end up facing the St. Louis Cardinals again, the team can return the favor by beating them in the final game to make the World Series!

The Brewers have what it takes.  Its starting pitching and overall defense is very strong, and that counts in a short series.  The bullpen “Closer,” Josh Hader, is among the best in all of baseball having converted 34 of 35 save opportunities this season.  The offense has some hitters, who when they string some strong at bats together can put some runs on the scoreboard to bring the lead to the last inning.  Scoring early and often will be critical as it is much easier to play winning baseball when the team is ahead in the game.

The Astros are tough, but the White Sox have been hot all year too.  Cardinals vs Dodgers is going to eliminate one tough competitor.  The Brewers have fared well against the Giants most of the season, even on the road.  In fact, the Brewers had the best road record in Baseball this season!  Watch and grin!  It is going to be a great ride–especially if I can hear the sound of that blimp again!

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