Faith seems to be something that people can seemingly ignore for long periods of time. But its importance often comes back to us when we face important events in our life.

When we get married.
When we have children.
When friends and relative face hardships and death.
When we face hardships and death.
There are many triggers.
But it is important for young people to get a proper start on their faith lives. If you believe that faith is important and want your children to grow up in the faith, it’s important to give it a good start. Frankly, it is important to give it a lot of attention.
But the problem is that if we don’t connect the dots between our lives and faith, faith can just stand out there by itself and diminish in time. It can become an afterthought during the holidays. A bit of trivia at times when we watch the news. An obscure almost unconscious thought when we pass by a cemetary or a church. But I believe when we think of faith, we know it has to be front and center in our lives. It is just too important to be otherwise.
Our society has changed and there has been a movement to reduce faith to a trivial pursuit. I don’t want to get caught up in the discussion about our social practices, but at the end of the day think about what things were on your mind today and how you might have considered those thoughts say a couple decades ago (assuming you are that old). A night of news is generally about absolute incredible violence, theft, and swindles. When we watch the drama shows, it reinforces those things that are breaking our world apart. When we watch comedies, it is often about people who are incredibly selfish. And with today’s TV writers, often the characters don’t seem to get any better after the seasons go on. Someone was as selfish on the first episode of a show as the last.
Shows can be so aggravating that I am usually happy when my wife watches cooking shows because they often seem to be even-keeled.  But even some of those have taken a turn for the worse with hyper drama around the kitchen and language that is often beeped, beeped and beeped.
We need to add good stuff to our lives while we can still remember what good is. And faith draws us to what is good.
In sports, lets pay more attention to the player who makes the sign of the sign of the cross, points towards heaven in a salute to his touchdown run, or stands at attention on the sideline to the National Anthem.
Let’s say a prayer at meals, a least at home at dinner. Even if we are so out of practice and we get funny looks from the kids.
Let’s watch things that do us good and keep encouraging ourselves to improve.
Let’s spend our time on good things and cut out the bad.
And my firm belief is to surround ourselves by good things to counter the bad. Put that crucifix back on the wall and stop worrying about someone who comes into your house who has none. It’s your house!
Watch that corny religious romance movie that you love one more time this year.
Put the painting up of the Blessed Virgin that you got from your parents and took down years ago.
When you can buy something for the holidays that reflects a religious thought rather than a secular thought, do it. The world is full of the secular. A Christmas card or calendar with a beautiful nativity scene will help.
At Sporting Chance Press, we have our Sports and Faith Series that covers exceptional athletes who live exemplary lives. Get books like ours and leave them around the house. Open the mind to possibilities.
We have a beautiful month of faith and promise coming up. Let’s pray that things can get better, do what we can to make a difference, and surround our homes with thoughts and faith and love.