J. D. Thorne, speaker and author of the new book Baseball’s Winning Ways (Available on Amazon Books).

Longevity in Baseball

A big story in Major League Baseball this season is that of 76- year old Hall of Fame Manager Tony La Russa serving again as field manager of the Chicago White Sox.  How well can he relate to the young players being the question.  But “Grandpa” La Russa has jockeyed the team to first place in the American League as of this writing!  It is a great thing for all us seniors to watch!

The Story Gets Bigger

On the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, Manager La Russa became the second most winning manager of all time, passing the immortal New York Giant’s Manager John McGraw with 2,764 wins. This was with a White Sox victory where hurler Dylan Cease struck out 10 Tigers, receiving offensive help from Tim Anderson and Nick Madrigal, who both knocked out two hits.  Now that is significant longevity!  It gave La Russa 2,764 wins!  Now second to only the immortal Connie Mack, who owned his own team and appointed himself as manager for over fifty years. Mack’s 3,731 wins is uncatchable.  Mack managed into his 87th year. Even Grandpa Tony won’t catch him.

But McGraw played for the domineering Baltimore Orioles teams of the 1890’s before taking the helm of the New York Giants from the start of modern major league baseball in 1901 with the formation of the “American League” until his retirement in 1932 at age 59.  That is more than forty years playing and managing in major leagues.  Since McGraw was a “legend,” what does  that make La Russa?

Pay attention to every day of magic for the White Sox this season!

My Book:

Baseball’s Winning Ways is written for enjoyment, inspiration, and information by the author of The 10 Commandments of Baseball, J. D. Thorne. Winning Ways explores baseball history and high profile players both current and past. American history highlights provide a more complete point of reference. The drama of the game, its history, baseball superstitions, statistics explained, and more provide features of interest to all fans from age 12 on up. The central theme of the book is baseball’s winning ways, those principles essential to the game itself–values that parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches want to pass down that are as important now as ever.