Central to Baseball’s Winning Ways are the basic principles that good coaches use when they teach the game. You will probably recall these baseball principles although many people don’t understand that they were originally  spelled out by the greatest MLB manager in history, Joe McCarthy.  These can be briefly expressed in sayings like take the bat off your shoulder, run them out, do not quit, don’t find too much fault in the empire, etc. The author, J. D. Thorne uses Ben Franklin’s method of self improvement by  showing how these principles can be applied to “winning ways charts.” Readers can record progress on creating habits of such principles. These baseball principles take on an expanded view–they are life lessons.

Rather than just go right into the principles, the book begins with features that immediately appeal to teen readers. It discusses the players of today and former stars. The author also writes about the history of the game and we include American history as we map out the development of the game. A glossary expands on the concepts discussed. A quiz and discussion questions get readers to painless think about what they have read. We also include Bill Potter’s baseball illustrations that are reminiscent of the old quiz cartoons on vintage baseball cards.
We wanted to make the book something that teens would enjoy and that their parents and grandparents would as well. At Sporting Chance Press, we focus on the positive.
The book is available on Amazon, through our website, and schools can also get it through Follett.