Mathieu Betts is a 6 foot-3 250 pound undrafted free agent linebacker from Canada who has been signed by the Bears as the team continues on its quest to prepare for the 2019 season. Betts is one of 22 undrafted free agents that the Bears want to take a good look it.  Betts played for Laval University’s Red and Gold football team, which has been Canada’s best the last two seasons.

NFL teams are always expanding their efforts to seek talent wherever it may be. Betts is a Montreal native who certainly has the attention of the Canadian Football League. Betts has been selected as the most outstanding down lineman three years in a row in Canadian college ball. He is said to be the number one prospect in the CFL draft. The CFL fields are wider and teams play a more wide-open game with lots of passing. Canada however has a much smaller population than the US so the pay is much smaller. (Canada’s number one game is hockey, of course.)

Betts had expressed his desire to get a chance to make an NFL team. The Bears are going to give him a chance.  Betts was looking for an opportunity to learn from a good program.

Several NFL teams send people up to Laval’s pro day in Quebec City. Betts posted decent numbers including a 40 yard dash of 4.70 seconds.