Memorial Day weekend is here.  Monday is the national holiday that honors those who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. Veterans Day, which is celebrated on November 11, honors the people who have served in the Armed Forces living and dead. Whether we have studied our history as students, we live it out. We carry it with us as citizens–we are making history. The “Greatest Generation,” so called after living through World War II and many through the Great Depression, were a group of people who experienced perhaps the toughest part of our history–where no one knew whether we were going to make it through. As time goes on, we lose many of the people who lived through the huge conflicts that took place. But conflicts continue. Whenever we look complacently at current events, it’s a mistake, because conflicts will always be around us. It is our military men and women who protect us. This is no simple job and often involves great suffering on their part. Let’s never forget that. Let’s never forget them. Let’s thank God for them.

Image: From Wikipedia, American Patriot photo, Public Domain.