The Bears lost yesterday to the New Orleans Saints, 36-25, and it was not pretty. Almost everything went wrong for the Bears. The early season Bears got a lot of good press from sports writers all over the country based in large part on their return to respectability in 2018 and some pretty darn good defensive players that made headlines. But the 2019 Bears have e a young quarterback who is getting some seasoning on the job and plenty of new offensive talents that make it difficult for the coaches to get it all together over night.  In other words, despite the Bears talent pool, it is not surprising to see some fits and starts. But coach Matt Nagy knows that the worst adjustment he can make it throwing some of his key talent under the bus.

I think the brilliance of Nagy is in his creation of an offensive scheme and his avoiding getting angry to a point where he says and does some things that he can’t take back. A good season strategy can never be to focus in the bad news. Nagy wants to take what good the team possesses and bring it along with his adjustments and his players improvements.  As George Halas uses to say, “who do we play next.” That’s not a bad philosophy.