We published our first Winning Way Series book with a second on the way. These are books for young sports fans that are written with a bit of history and culture. The “Winning Ways” part of the books provides an exercise that promotes habits for virtue. Sporting Chance Press promotes the good in sports and this new series does just that and more.

Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways concisely describes Papa Bear’s journey with the Bears with highlights of the struggles of the 20th century. Historical photographs and easy-to-read coverage takes middle school and older readers through the struggles. Key players from the Papa Bear era are examined.

Young people are attracted to sports and sport history. By bringing a little American history with sports history readers are exposed to areas they can explore further on their own or in school. Halas’s winning ways are the kind of principles or virtues that most parents and grandparent want to encourage. To insure features that promote entertainment and learning, Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways includes exercises  that help make this book a real winner.

Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways is written by Patrick McCaskey, Papa Bear’s grandson and Chicago Bears Vice President.  Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways is $12 per copy, paperback with a cover designed by illustrator Bill Potter. The book is available on this web site and Amazon.