When I started up Sporting Chance Press over a dozen years ago, I wanted to focus on sports books. I had decades of experience working with professional business and law books, but it seemed to be a time to explore something new.  Not that I was wanting to do something hobby-like for entertainment, I still had daughters in Middle School. But one of my friends had come to me with his baseball book and it looked like I was being helped into this new field in some way by the Good Lord. I published The 10 Commandments of Baseball, a book that covered some exciting players and baseball principles. It was the principles’ part that really caught my attention. I found myself “promoting the good” in sports.

A few books later, and it seemed like the Good Lord was asking me to expand in a new direction. Pat McCaskey of the Bears came my way and he asked to publish his book on Sports and Faith. Pat had a long history of living and breathing the Chicago Bears and a family that was devoted to actively “promoting good.” I found myself inspired again. 

So, in a sense, I had my marching orders from the Man Upstairs. It has been a very rough road. People have since told me that maybe the man upstairs had the wrong number! Never-the-less I’ve taken the job on.

 Worthwhile Struggle is our fourth book in our Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey. All of the Sports and Faith books stand on their own and are essentially timeless. We focus on Pat’s experiences with the Bears, his family, and friends, but we also feature what I call stories of Sports Faith “Good Guys.” People who have proven themselves great athletes and, in many cases, great people as well.

In Chicago, there are few more selfless sports and faith personalities than Loyola’s Sister Jean.  Sister Jean graces the cover of Worthwhile Struggle. Her story is briefly told in the book’s opening pages.  Then as each of the following chapters do, the author provides a little sense of heaven, by including a saint’s biography. Those of us who grew up on the stories of the saints get a little refresher course on some very prominent ones or perhaps we are having our kids and grandkids read the book. Each chapter ends with a favorite bit of fun for the sports fan, a quiz (mostly on some sports topic).

McCaskey has personally met many great people in sports who also live exemplary lives. Besides his own experiences with the Chicago Bears, he is Chair of Sports Faith International, an initiative of Catholic Radio WSFI FM 88.5 that honors those from high school, college, and the pros. The McCaskey’s have also known many of the movers and shakers in charitable circles–those who have dedicated their lives to the underserved. People like Coach Wayne Gordon, the Skid Row Priest (Monsignor McDermott), Bishop Paprocki, Cardinal George, and others grace the pages of the Sports and Faith Series as well as dozens of other wonderful people–some make the headlines, some quietly go about their business.

Sporting Chance Press Books by Patrick McCaskey


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