Sportsmanship is our fifth book in the Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey.

In Sportsmanship, the first 50 pages are a Bears’ historical calendar of noteworthy events in Bears history. Stories of athletes and the author’s personal stories cover the next hundred pages. What follows is an intersting examination of some great American writers and humorists. Pat’s popular biblical poems follow and his most popular speaking presentations close out the volume. Some historic photos are peppered throughout the volume. The book is currently available at Amazon.

As a Bears’ Vice President who is immersed in community outreach and personal charitable pursuits, McCaskey writes about many exceptional people that he has known along the way. Writing and speaking for many decades, the author is an athlete in his own right whose tastes in literature have influenced his career. McCaskey has always followed his grandfather George Halas’s advice to maintain a positive outlook. At the same time, readers will recognize his own enthusiasm for respecting those around him and taking time to smile and enjoy himself in his efforts.