If you want to know why the Packers winning, take a look at Aaron Rodgers touchdown throw to Aaron Jones in the first quarter of the Packers-Raiders game.  It is 1st down and the Packers have the ball on the Raiders 21-yard line. Jones is coming out of the backfield while there are two other receivers on the right side who are making the defense aware of several targets. Jones heads for the right corner of the end zone with tight coverage from Raiders linebacker Nicholas Morrow. The Packers line is holding back the four Raiders up front who are there to hurry the throw. If Rodgers throws it where you would expect right in the corner where Jones is headed, Jones has no chance of catch it, Morrow’s coverage is good. Two other Raiders, Erik Harris and Gareon Conley are a few yards away running to support. But Rodgers throws it to Jones back shoulder and Jones adjusts at the last second and makes the catch.

Jones is not a big man; he is 5-foot-9 and 200 pounds. In the play, tight end Jimmy Graham runs a pattern towards the right side line and is so open he lifts his arms up in frustration as Rodgers throws to Jones. If it is a bit of play acting, it’s a little late to fool the Raiders because the ball is already heading out to Jones.

I’d have to assume that Graham was one of the Rodgers’s options. If Jones misses the ball, no doubt there would be those who would have said he should have taken the easier throw to Graham. Jones has 27 receptions on 24 throws for 196 yards and that one touchdown against the Raiders. Gruden traded Conley to the Houston Texans this week.