There is a lot of George Halas’s wisdom in our Sports and Faith books by his grandson, Patrick McCaskey, who is a current Vice President and Director of the Chicago Bears. As Pat mentions, Halas was not a philosopher, his life was about football and his ambitions were about playing, coaching, and managing a winning football team. But Halas had some great virtues and principles. Some of those he likely learned from his family and the great athletes and coaches he worked with over his career. Some of those he may have learned in school or learned on the job.

Perhaps an early view he learned was his “never go to be a loser.” In the Christian tradition, young kids are taught to look over their day each night as they are about to say their prayers. Look at the things you did well and things that you did not do well. Resolve to do better and look forward to tomorrow. If you decide at the end of the day that you are a loser, it will carry over in the next and maybe the next. So never go to bed a loser!

Another idea that Halas had was “never do anything in practice that you would not do in a game.” Coaches realize that time is a significant quality and the supply can run low at times. Time flies. Think of 2020 for example, practices cancelled, players injured and “sick.” More problems related to the scarcity of time. Use you time wisely.

These are just a couple of Halas’s winning ways that you would find in some of our Sports and Faith books. These ideas are also highlighted in: Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways book. Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways tells the exciting story of George Halas and his leadership in professional football. Halas’s life and key historical events in the 20th century are included. Readers are taken through history highlights that will encourage them to expand their understanding of the world. Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways is a perfect book for middle grade students–brief and to the point with illustrations and photos–plus it is accessible and easy to read.