Our book Pilgrimage ($15) at its heart is a lovely book on Marian Apparitions and other Christian pilgrimage sights around the world with a dose of the sports and faith content that this great series includes.

At the beginning of each chapter is an introduction of a particular pilgrimage site such as Lourdes, Fatima, the Holy Land, Rome, El Camino de Santiago, Canterbury, Guadalupe, etc. These sections cover the basics with a certain precision which will concisely give readers the important facts that they are not likely to find in other books. In this way, the book is a perfect book for the Christian home library for those who share a special affection to our Blessed Mother.

Our Sports and Faith Series, of which Pilgrimage is part, also provides many stories on sports figures and others who accomplish great things athletically and give of themselves for the greater good. The author of Pilgrimage is Chicago Bears Vice President Patrick McCaskey, who is no stranger to Christian athletes and causes. Readers are also exposed to some of the abundant McCaskey humor, poems, and family stories that pepper his books.

I like to think of families having a copy of this book around the house. Besides being a wonderful read–cover to cover–the book is a valued source of information on questions that come¬† up. Maybe you get Lourdes and Fatima mixed up like I do? Or maybe you confuse Saint Thomas Becket with Saint Thomas More? Have you been to the Holy Land? Where would you go if the opportunity came up?¬† Where are the most important pilgrimage sites in Rome?

It’s here, it’s readable, it’s got pictures and more.