Our book about the greatest coaches is called Pillar of The NFL.  The greatest coaches by championships-won remains the same as it was in 2014 when we published this gem. Patrick McCaskey, the author, and I really tried to bring the football lives of these coaches to a boil with their early days, their career, and their contributions to the game.  It was not easy to do especially with some of the coaches who made their mark a long time ago.  The other challenge is that there is so much bad information out there on professional football, it is tough to cut out the bad. You can, and we did, research some material for a long time–in some cases only to get a single line. After working on a few baseball books this was all new to me.

We included some historical photographs and a sketch of each coach by artist Bill Potter. I love this book because it is a real “keeper” for your bookshelf, assuming  you have one. I keep telling my son that he should hold onto some things in paper. The big technology suppliers may likely do away with your treasure when you least suspect it. Or you may have to find ways to recreate stuff in a file formats that start taking over other formats. He does not believe me although it seems to me that even on reliable sites there are always links going dead and information that is just not available any more.


Illustration from Pillars of the NFL of George Halas by Bill Potter.


Lawrence Norris, Publisher