The year 2014 might look like long ago, but for Sporting Chance Press it was special. It was special because we published Pillars of the NFL: Coaches Who Have Won Three or More Championships. 

Pillars was a magnum opus for us at Sporting Chance Press. It was a book that I really wanted to see. We have Pat McCaskey of the Bears writing it and he was our guiding star on the project. It was different than most sports books because it required substantial historical research to get much of the early NFL history recorded on its pages. It was also different in that it focused on coaches first. There was a lot of creative writing involved especially in our “you are there” element that introduced each coach in his own environment.

If you ever spent some time researching the NFL and its games, you will find a lot of bad information out there. Sometimes we were sure of one piece of a story only to find that is was wrong. There isn’t a lot of football books with cites and sometimes we found that several of them had one fact that one book would show inaccurate.  Time after time we found inaccuracies. I am sure we still missed a few, but I am confident that book is much cleaner than most.

I am sure some of  our information was stuff that was published first by us at Sporting Chance Press. We dug especially deep to find information on Guy Chamberlin who had coached and won Championships at teams that don’t exist today.

Bill Belichicks’ career goes on and one, but even back when were published the book, he was one of top coaches with three or more wins. I reference this book repeatedly even today.  It has that much in it and relevant. Amazon often has a reduced rate on it.

Bill Potter biographical montage of Papa Bear George Halas, Copyright 2014, Sporting Chance Press.