A Rich Young Man Says No to Poverty


Mark 10:17-27


Christ called a rich young man to follow Him.

Unlike the first disciples, he said no.

Material things can become false gods.

When we know and love God, we can say yes.


It’s important to keep a low profile.

I have the least expensive Cadillac.


My goal is to keep the Bears in the fam-

ily until The Second Coming.  In

The meantime, I shall continue to tithe.


When I started working for the Bears, my

Hair was brown, curly, and thick.  Now my hair

Is white, straight, and thin.  God is protecting

My marriage.  I was too good looking


Patrick McCaskey


Patrick McCaskey is a Vice President and Director of the Chicago Bears, Chair of Sports Faith International, and Chair of WSFI Catholic Radio 88.5, as well as poet and the author of our Sports and Faith Series.  The Sports and Faith include stories of athletes and others who live exemplary lives like George “Papa Bear” Halas, Pat’s grandfather. Surprising, inspiring, and all very human, Patrick McCaskey’s Poems About the Gospel is Patrick’s first book of poems where readers can find a few words of encouragement in every one. Poems About the Gospel is available from Sporting Chance PressAmazon and select bookstores like the Little Way in Crystal Lake.


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