Here’s the Table of Contents and Description of Poems About the Gospel:




  1. The Virginal Conception of Jesus
  2. The Adoration of the Three Magi
  3. The Flight into Egypt, the Massacre
  4. Jesus Prepared by Fasting and Praying
  5. Jesus Christ Went Fishing for Disciples
  6. Christ Taught Before He Performed Miracles
  7. Jesus Went and Told It on a Mountain
  8. The Salt of the Earth: The Light of the World
  9. Jesus Christ Taught the Fullness of the Law
  10. Jesus Teaches the Fullness of the Law
  11. Upright Intention Throughout the Nation
  12. Trusting in God’s Fatherly Providence
  13. Effectiveness of Prayer, the Golden Rule
  14. Doing the Will of God, Building on Rock
  15. Following Jesus Christ Is Not Easy
  16. The Call of Matthew and Many Others
  17. Good News: Fasting Is Not Everlasting
  18. Jesus Raised a Girl and Cured a Woman
  19. Christ is the Long-Awaited Messiah
  20. God Sent the Apostles on a Mission
  21. Discipleship Has Demands and Rewards
  22. Jesus Reproached His Contemporaries
  23. A Parable and an Explanation
  24. Three Parables Show the Way to Heaven
  25. The Miracle Food Multiplication
  26. After Jesus Prayed, He Walked on Water
  27. A Woman Has a Debate with Jesus
  28. The Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle
  29. Christ Foretold His Death and Resurrection
  30. Transfiguration for Every Nation
  31. The Very Purpose of Love and Marriage
  32. Jesus Christ Entered the Holy City
  33. A Tale of Two Sons, a Lesson for All
  34. The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
  35. The Parable of the Marriage Feast
  36. Greatest Commandment, Greatest Gift of All
  37. The Time of the Second Coming of Christ
  38. Preparation for the Day of Judgment
  39. Christ Arose and Appeared to the Women


  1. Isaiah the Prophet, John the Baptist
  2. Christ Was Tempted Before His Ministry
  3. The Leprosy Left Him, He Was Made Clean
  4. Four Friends Help a Paralyzed Man Get Cured
  5. Jesus Did the Right Thing on the Sabbath
  6. Jesus Christ Appointed the Twelve Apostles
  7. Do Not Sin Against the Holy Spirit
  8. Parables of the Lamp and the Measure
  9. The Seed and the Mustard Seed Parables
  10. From the Demoniac into the Swine
  11. The Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist
  12. Jesus Christ Elicits Admiration
  13. Jesus Christ Stresses Purity of Heart
  14. Jesus Cured a Man Who Was Deaf and Dumb
  15. Jesus Makes the Deaf Hear and the Mute Speak
  16. Jesus Christ Foretells His Resurrection
  17. The Curing of an Epileptic Boy
  18. Jesus Wants Us to Avoid Scandal
  19. Indissolubility of Marriage
  20. A Rich Young Man Says No to Poverty
  21. The Sons of Zebedee Make a Request
  22. The Healing of the Blind Bartimaeus
  23. The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
  24. The Greatest Commandment of All from Christ
  25. Jesus Censures the Scribes: The Widow’s Mite
  26. A Poem from a Former Patrol Boy
  27. Jesus Gave the Apostles a Mission





  1. Annunciation and Incarnation….
  2. Mary, the Immaculate Conception
  3. Mary Went to Visit Elizabeth
  4. The Visitation: The Magnificat
  5. The Shepherds Found the Holy Family
  6. Mary, Jesus, Simeon, and Anna
  7. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple
  8. John the Baptist Preached in the Wilderness
  9. Jesus Makes Us Acceptable to God
  10. Jesus Christ Went Fishing for Disciples
  11. Pray with Humility and Confidence
  12. Jesus Has a Discussion on Fasting
  13. Jesus Prayerfully Chose the Twelve Apostles
  14. Luke Has Four Beatitudes and Four Woes
  15. The Teachings about Love of Enemies
  16. A Parable about Integrity
  17. The Holy Women Provide for Jesus
  18. Jesus Gave the Apostles a Mission
  19. Herod is Curious about Jesus
  20. Peter’s Faith and the Passion Announcement
  21. The Consummate Need for Self-Denial
  22. The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ
  23. Seventy Disciples Have a Mission
  24. The Seventy Return, Jesus Gives Thanks
  25. The Kingdom of God Overruled Satan
  26. The Unclean Spirit and Seven Others
  27. Responding to the Word of Jesus Christ
  28. Jonah and Saint Teresa of Avila
  29. Jesus Came to Establish Division
  30. Interpretation of the Present Time
  31. Jesus Cures a Woman on the Sabbath
  32. Obtain Salvation Through the Narrow Door
  33. Parables: The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin
  34. The Parable of the Prodigal Son
  35. The Parable of the Unjust Steward
  36. Feast Day of Saint Margaret of Scotland
  37. The Revelation about God’s Kingdom
  38. Jesus Told the Unjust Judge Parable
  39. Jesus Christ Wept Over Jerusalem
  40. Jesus Drove the Robbers from the Temple
  41. Jesus Christ Said We Will Rise from the Dead
  42. Patient Endurance in Every Trial
  43. Tribulation and the Second Coming
  44. The Fig Tree Shows Us the Kingdom of God
  45. Jesus Christ Had a Hall of Fame Thursday
  46. The Episode of the Good Repentant Thief
  47. Walking, Talking to Emmaus
  48. Jesus Christ Appeared in the Upper Room


  1. John the Baptist Leads Us to Jesus Christ
  2. The Ministry of Saint John the Baptist
  3. Jesus Encounters His First Followers
  4. The Ultimate Good Came from Nazareth
  5. From a Den of Thieves to a House of Prayer
  6. The Curing of a Royal Official’s Son
  7. The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
  8. Jesus Discoursed about the Bread of Life
  9. Christ Is the One Who Reveals the Father
  10. The Bread of Life Revealed the Father
  11. The Bread of Life Is in the Eucharist
  12. Jesus Went from God to Jerusalem
  13. The Writing of Jesus Christ in the Dirt
  14. Isaac Was Restored, Jesus Christ Arose
  15. Jesus Cured a Man Who Had Been Born Blind
  16. Jesus Christ Is the Gateway to Heaven
  17. Jesus Christ Laid Down His Life for His Sheep
  18. The Attempt to Stone Jesus Was Postponed
  19. Christ Reacts to the Death of Lazarus
  20. Christ Announces His Glorification
  21. Jesus the Son Reveals God the Father
  22. Intimate Conversation with Jesus
  23. The Advocate Teaches Us Everything
  24. Jesus is the Vine, We are the Branches
  25. The Father Loved Jesus, Jesus Loves Us
  26. The Holy Spirit Testifies to Christ
  27. Unbroken Succession Through The Spirit
  28. Jesus Prayed for the Apostles and Us
  29. Jesus Christ Wrote More than the Our Father
  30. The Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ
  31. Dialogue between Pilate and Jesus
  32. Jesus on the Cross Gave Us His Mother
  33. The Empty Tomb Fulfilled the Prophecies
  34. Jesus Appeared to the Apostles Twice
  35. The Catch of One Hundred Fifty-Three Fish

After Breakfast, Jesus Asked Three Questions

Poems About the Gospel feature 150 short works written by Patrick McCaskey. Each poem provides the author’s own take on an individual passage of one of the Evangelists that are often read at Mass and other Christian services. The poems reveal the thoughts and feelings of a modern man responding to the Gospel with faith, humility, and humor. The author’s poems remind us that the Christian faith is just as alive today as ever, and the inspired writings live alongside all our foibles and culture. The author’s sense of reality rushes in at unexpected times with a “time out” for humor. Readers are struck with all the author’s variety of thoughts that fall as they might, but never take away from the faith distilled. A 45+ year veteran and Vice President of the Chicago Bears, Patrick McCaskey is the grandson of founder George Halas.