Poems About the Gospel II, now available from Amazon, features another 150 short works written by Patrick McCaskey. Like our Poems About the Gospel (published in 2020), each poem provides the author’s own take on an individual passage of one of the Evangelists that are often read at Mass and other Christian services. The poems reveal the thoughts and feelings of a modern man responding to the Gospel with faith, humility, and humor. The author’s poems remind us that the Christian faith is just as alive today as ever, and the inspired writings live alongside all our foibles and culture. The author’s sense of reality rushes in at unexpected times with a “time out” for humor. Readers are struck with all the author’s variety of thoughts that fall as they might, but never take away from the faith distilled. A 45+ year veteran and Vice President of the Chicago Bears, Patrick McCaskey is the grandson of founder George Halas. McCaskey has written many books on sports and faith. He serves as Chairman of Sports Faith International an initiative which recognizes people who are successful in sports while leading exemplary lives. The author also chairs WSFI Catholic Radio that broadcasts to northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin.