Surprising, inspiring, and all very human, Patrick McCaskey‘s Poems About the Gospel is a perfect book for all seasons–including Lent. Patrick McCaskey is a Vice President and Director of the Chicago Bears , Chairman of Sports Faith International, as well as the author of our Sports and Faith Series. He is also a grandson of George “Papa Bear” Halas. Poems About the Gospel is available from Sporting Chance Press, Amazon and select bookstores like the Little Way in Crystal Lake.

The Greatest Commandment of All from Christ

Mark 12:28-34

The scribe asked a well-intentioned question.

Jesus devoted time to teaching him.

The scribe understood the reply of Christ.

After the reply, there were no more questions,

Not even from Detective Colombo.


Saint Augustine said: love God is the first

Commandment; love neighbor is the ac-

tion.  If you love your neighbor, you can see God.

If you love your neighbor, your eye is cleansed

To see God.  John said, “If you do not love

Your neighbor whom you see, how will you be

Able to love God whom you don’t see?”


Name three Chicago first-round draft choices

With the first name Kyle: Long, Fuller, Schwarber.

Patrick McCaskey

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