Unbroken Succession Through the Spirit


John 16:12-15


Jesus Christ revealed the truth.  The Holy

Spirit helped the Apostles understand.

The Apostles were lost until Pentecost.

The Paraclete provides love to the Church.


The three divine Persons are equal.

Remember Saint Patrick and the shamrock.

Father Hesburgh was in many meetings.

Before each he prayed, “Come Holy Spirit.”


When we ask for the Spirit, He is there.

He is even there when we do not ask.

Persecutions and trials don’t dishearten.

Let’s turn difficulties to good purpose.


If I were a friend of Job, I would try

To provide respectful comic relief.


Patrick McCaskey


Patrick McCaskey is a Vice President and Director of the Chicago Bears, Chair of Sports Faith International, and Chair of WSFI Catholic Radio 88.5, as well as poet and the author of our Sports and Faith Series. He is also a grandson of George “Papa Bear” Halas.  McCaskey’s latest book is Tuition Rebate.   Patrick McCaskey’s Poems About the Gospel and Poems About the Gospel II are books for all seasons where readers can find a few words of encouragement in every poem–both books are available from Amazon.

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Image: Photo by Fr. Lawrence Lew, O. P., Apse painting from the church of St Peter and St Paul in San Francisco, https://flic.kr/p/2ieQAgj