Surprising, inspiring, and all very human, Patrick McCaskey‘s Poems About the Gospel is a perfect book for all seasons–including Lent. Patrick McCaskey is a Vice President and Director of the Chicago Bears , Chair of Sports Faith International, and Chair of WSFI Catholic Radio 88.5, as well as the author of our Sports and Faith Series. He is also a grandson of George “Papa Bear” Halas. Poems About the Gospel is available from Sporting Chance Press, Amazon and select bookstores like the Little Way in Crystal Lake.


Walking, Talking to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35


They were walking to Emmaus,

Seven miles from Jerusalem.

Then Jesus walked and talked with them,

But they did not recognize Him.


They walked and talked; they walked and talked.

Jesus was a great listener.

They talked about Christ crucified.

Women could not find His body.


After Jesus had heard them out,

He told them Christ had to suffer.

Then He would enter His glory.

So said Moses and the prophets.


Christ stayed with them in Emmaus.

He broke bread; then He disappeared.


Patrick McCaskey

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