The Vatican holds many conferences and meetings each year. One such conference of particular interest to Sporting Chance Press was held in 2016 with the blessing of Pope Francis: “Global Conference on Faith and Sport.” This conference addressed the role that sports and faith can play to make society better and improve our world in so many  ways. As we report in the text of our new Sports and Faith Series book, these conferences have continued at various universities. In a related move, the Pope has also approved the creation of a Vatican Sports initiative called  Athletica Vaticana that includes various sports teams under it’s colors.

At Sporting Chance Press our “mantra” has been to promote the good in sports. And our Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey celebrates successful athletes who lead exemplary lives. We think Pope Francis would approve.

Sportsmanship is our fifth book in the Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey. Patrick is one of the third generation of Chicago Bears’ owners and directors–he is the son of Virginia McCaskey and the grandson of George “Papa Bear” Halas. Patrick grew up with the Chicago Bears and has a wealth of experience being a member of one of football’s leading families. He has worked with the Bears for over 45 years in several different capacities and like others in the family, he has also worked with Chicago Bears charities, Bears civic works and outreach, and the family’s long tradition of helping those in most need in our community. The author is also Chair of Sports Faith International, which is an initiative that recognizes athletes and others successful in sports who lead exemplary lives.  In addition, Pat has been involved in various literary pursuits and he has been a writer, speaker, and a poet who uses his abilities to promote the good in sports. All of these experiences are reflected in the Sports and Faith Series.

In Sportsmanship, the first 50 pages are a Bears’ historical calendar of noteworthy events in Bears history. Stories of athletes and the author’s personal stories cover the next hundred pages. What follows is an intersting examination of some great American writers and humorists. Pat’s popular biblical poems follow and his most popular speaking presentations close out the volume. Some historic photos are peppered throughout the volume. The book is currently available at a discounted price on Amazon. Yes, it is an ideal time to buy.