I’ve written several posts on how important it is to stay positive. This has been a common theme for me during the the Coronavirus, and the political polarization and unrest that is all around. None of these problems are going away any time soon, so it is as important to stay the course. We need to be logical or sensible about how we look life.

When you get older and you have been paying attention to life, you start to see things that have happened before. But if you are not careful, you get cynical about those sightings and you can find yourself taking the air out of a room. In many cases, that’s the air that is being consumed by your spouse, children, grandchildren, friends, and co-workers.

You don’t want to do that.

As a publisher, I have certainly done my best to publish positive books. We have the Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey that promote the positive in sports with short episodes on athletes, coaches, and others who lead exemplary lives.  We fill these books up with features that are meant to inspire our readers. Sportsmanship is our latest Sports and Faith book.

And in the last year we have two new sports books that entertain, educate, and encourage young people. Baseball’s Winning Ways and Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways.

Baseball’s Winning Ways is written for enjoyment, inspiration, and information by the author of The 10 Commandments of Baseball, J. D. ThorneBaseball’s Winning Ways examines baseball eras and their backgrounds, along with profiles of great current and past players. The drama of the game, its history, baseball superstitions, statistics, and the story of trading cards are presented clearly for readers from age 12 on up. The central theme of the book is baseball’s principles that are essential to the best baseball programs. The author points out that baseball promotes certain virtues that are so important today. These are the values that parents, grandparents, teachers, and coaches want to pass down to the next generation—as important now as ever.

Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways by Patrick McCaskey tells the dramatic story of George Halas and his crucial role in professional football–all written for middle grades and young adult readers. Papa Bear’s leadership took professional football from its beginning into the modern age. In Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways, highlights of history are presented with vintage photographs so readers are not only  exposed to story of football, but they get  American history as well. Halas’s important words of wisdom, his winning ways, are also explored and are tied into Ben Franklin’s self-help methods for young people.

Sportsmanship is the most ambitious book in Patrick McCaskey’s popular Sports and Faith Series. Sportsmanship includes a wonderful Chicago Bears Calendar of historical events that celebrate one piece of Bears’ history for each day of the year. Individual chapters feature interesting stories, sports segments, personal reminiscences, faith experiences, and the author’s humorous musings.

Image: Copyright Marianne Norris, Woman on the Irish Coast