The following is found in Worthwhile Struggle our new book by Patrick McCaskey:
Patrick McCaskey and Friends

As one out of many Bears’ inheritors, I have prayerfully considered the future of the team. Here is what I have discerned.

George Halas was my grandfather and that’s a great legacy. I work for the Bears and that’s a great opportunity. I have it made because Christ died for my sins which we don’t have time to discuss right now. I believe that God has a plan for everyone and for every family. We have the freedom to be obedient. I think that God’s plan for me is to work for the Bears. I choose to be obedient. God gave me faith, a wonderful family, and a great legacy. As a mature Boy Scout, I feel prepared. I hope that we never sell the team even though that would give us a lot of money. Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. The Waltons never sold Waltons’ Mountain. From Robert Pinsky’s essay, “Responsibilities of the Poet,” we know this. “So one great task we have to answer for is the keeping of an art that we did not invent, but were given, so that others who come after us can have it if they want it, as free to choose it and change it as we have been.” The same responsibility applies to our Bears’ legacy.  With God’s faith, I try to be obedient to His plan for my life. With God’s hope, I try to be a voice of encouragement. With God’s love, I try to exemplify Jesus.
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