Presque Isle, Maine, is a city of roughly 10,000 in northeast Maine that was slow develop because of border disputes between the United State and Great Britain. Settlers were generally engaged in work involving lumber. Other industry such as a cereal mill, furniture factory, wool processing,  tin mill, and more developed. In recent years,  the county of Aroostock which includes Presque Isle has become an important for the potato. Presqie Isle  has been a center for commerce in the area attracting people from both Canada and the United States.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle and the Northern Maine Community College reside there.

Before the Carnegie Presque Isle Library was established, various initiatives were undertaken to collect books and lend them out. One group was organizing library services called the Half and Half Club. In 1906, a request for funding a “permanent library was made to Andrew Carnegie. The Carnegie Foundation donated $10,000  towards building a library building in Presque Isle. It was Carnegie’s practice to require requesting organizations to have the real estate to the build the site and means of funds to support the library. Thomas Phair provided the building site.

In Presque Isle, library service expanded and more space was needed. Carnegie Libraries are typically made of brick and stone; they are not easy to renovate and expand. Some have been raised to make way for new buildings, some have been repurposed, some have been artfully restored and expanded.

The library was renamed Mark and Emily Turner Memorial Library after a generous gift of $60,000 to build a new addition. The library continues to serve the people of Presque Isle.


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