By J.D. Thorne
With a Foreword by Commissioner, Bud Selig


Whether you are a baseball fan, young player, coach, or baseball parent, you will love this fun and enlightening book.

The 10 Commandments of Baseball presents:

  • Success “secrets” of the MLB’s all-time best manager, Joe McCarthy
    See how McCarthy’s simple principles can apply to all your pursuits.
  • Stories of golden age baseball greatsĀ 
    Classic stories entertain and make baseball’s past come to life for you.
  • Simple baseball wisdom and humor
    See how baseball’s (and life’s) challenges can be met more successfully when we “just do it”.
  • Baseball views at the local levelĀ 
    Author’s stories remind us of our experiences – show that applying the principles can help at all levels and stages of life.

The 10 Commandments of Baseball is a mix of professional baseball stories and the author’s affectionate retelling of his own amateur baseball experiences. It pulls you into great baseball moments, helps you relate to the principles and recall your own past victories, defeats and laughs. The focal point of the book is the classic, but little-known, “10 Commandments of Baseball,” the baseball principles created by Major League baseball’s most successful manager, Joe McCarthy.

In each chapter, the meaning of one commandment is examined and explained. Professional baseball stories coupled with the author’s own reminiscences illustrate the commandment. If any baseball book speaks to the baseball fan, this is it. The 10 Commandments of Baseball high-wires across many of the greatest baseball feats. While we may think that baseball’s greats were unique among men, the author suggests that we are closer to the gods than we know. The famous Nike “just do it” principle is evident throughout and you cannot help but be affected and motivated. The 10 Commandments of Baseball is a book that you will want to read and keep handy to reread when you need to recharge.

McCarthy’s .614 winning percentage as a manager is the best of all time. He managed many great players, including National Baseball Hall of Fame stars Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted Williams. McCarthy led the Chicago Cubs from last place in 1925 to the National League Pennant in 1929. He managed the Yankees for a 15-year stretch leading them to seven World Series Championships, 1,460 victories and creating for them a special place in baseball lore. In 1948, he was hired to manage the Boston Red Sox, the last of the three storied franchises in baseball for which he worked.

McCarthy’s keen understanding of the game, his personal integrity and his professional approach are evident in the 10 Commandments of Baseball. An interesting selection of photographs features new images created especially for the book by Milwaukee photojournalist, David Bernacchi. Vintage shots of MLB’s greats from Baseball Hall of Fame archives are also included.

10 Commandments of Baseball
Sporting Chance Press
ISBN: 978-0-9819342-0-4
200 pages, paperback,
January 2009