I have been sending libraries notes about our baseball book for teenagers called Baseball’s Winning Ways. I suppose when library personnel consider buying a book they try to put themselves in the teenagers place. I’d guess that they also consider the overall good that the book represents to the library itself and the patrons parents and teachers. Maybe that’s a bit deep, but these are the things that a publisher must consider. 


When we put Baseball’s Winning Ways together with our author, J. D. Thorne, we looked at these things.
1. The content that will entertain and inform the reader. 
2. The appearance of the book that will appeal to the teen baseball fan.
3. Features that will keep the teen reading.
4. Using baseball as a means of introducing a little bit of history. 
5. Adding learning tools that will painlessly help the reader to get some further education. 
6. A self help feature that will turn the reader’s attention to improving himself or herself.
7. Careful deliberation of historical facts that respects our history. 
8. A glossary that follows after the main story of the book and offers more information.
9. Quiz questions and illustrations that make the book more accessible.
10. A clean visual book that is light and easy to read. 
Our book is available on Amazon and also found in the Follett catalogue. All our books are also found on our webpage at sportingchancepress.com