Loyola’s Sister Jean is on the cover of our Worthwhile Struggle book, and inside you’ll find lots of material on athletes who live exemplary lives, sports quiz questions, great photos, biblical poems, and much more. This is what you’ll find in Patrick McCaskey’s Sports and Faith Series. McCaskey is a Vice President and Director of the Chicago Bears. If you have kids or grandkids around your house, these are the kind of books you might want around the house–they give off a kind of positive energy and are easy enough to read for a few minutes or a few hours. When it comes to books on sports, people have a tendency to pick them up based on the cover.

These books have been a very large part of my existence for many years. Each book in the Series, and there are five of them, represents a year or more effort on our part. We have also published Pat’s Pillars of the NFL book on the top NFL coaches in history and his Sports and Faith CD of Pat’s presentations.