Before we forget, the Bears accomplished much in 2018.

  • Improved from a 2017 regular season mark of 5-11, to 12-4
  • First winning season since 2012
  • Won the NFC North Division
  • Lost to the Super Bowl New England Patriots by just 7 points.
  • Won a playoff birth.
  • Beat Green Bay 24-17 on December 16.
  • Beat Division Rivals Lions and Vikings Twice
  • Had 8 pro-bowlers

This was all done in Matt Nagy’s first year as head coach. Nagy is mission with a calm-yet-not lifeless demeanor.  He manages his players toward improvements without threats, but at the same time requiring that they accept responsibility.  He continues to acquire players with character. This he believes will pay off in spades as the team progresses and hits both low and high points.