We are offering a “Saint Kevin and the Blackbird” shirt. The image was created by Curt Rabinak and I think it is a winner. We are including a brief story on Saint Kevin in our next book in our Sports and Faith Series called Worthwhile Struggle

Seamus Heaney wrote a poem based on Irish-Catholic tradition called “Saint Kevin and the Blackbird.”A blackbird landed on the Saint’s hand while his arms were extended in prayer in a small hut or cell —the bird laid its eggs in his hand. The kindly saint holds the nest until the eggs hatch and the young birds leave. The old story focuses on the facts of the episode. Heaney poems gives a glimpse of the saint and what he might have been thinking–how it all ties us together. 

The actual story dates from roughly 800 years ago. 

I have a design printed in black/grey and available in men’s sizes–small-medium-large-X, and 2X for starters. They are $25 and they just arrived. If you’d like to order just send me a note at lmj.norris@gmail.com. I used the same fabric and color for a shirt I did on the Way of Saint James and work it myself many many times–very durable.