Patrick McCaskey, Vice President of the Chicago Bears, shares his experience of the spiritual enrichment he has received from athletes, coaches, religious and everyday people. Pat recalls the stories of those who strived to make the cut on and off the field—plus people who left comfortable lives to serve the underserved in extraordinary ways. His talk “Faith & Sports” includes “The Ten Commandments of Football” and “If the Apostles Had Played Football.” Pat is a Notre Dame High School Wall of Famer for football and track. Pat was a contributing editor to the literary magazines at Loyola University Chicago and Indiana University. He has won the following awards: Harriet Beecher Stowe School voice of freedom, Illinois father of the year, Sports Faith Light of Christ, and Chicago Youth Guidance Exemplary Service.

McCaskey’s latest book is called Worthwhile Struggle. Worthwhile Struggle is the fourth book in the popular Sports and Faith Series. Each chapter is titled after one of the author’s 10 Commandments of Football – principles based on McCaskey’s life with the Chicago Bears and the Halas-McCaskey household with his own distinctive sense of humor. Struggle is a theme that is clearly seen and understood in sports, which serves as a metaphor and lesson plan for life in the Series.
Our Sports and Faith books courageously offer a wide variety of topics for readers. Like the first three books in the Series, Worthwhile Struggle includes stories of athletes and others who lead exemplary lives. Much of it comes from the personal experiences of the author who has been working for the Chicago Bears for over 40 years. McCaskey attended Catholic Schools, and he has been privileged to keep company with many outstanding people from all faiths – both on and off the field.

At the end of each chapter, we include the life of a saint. This offering is an enhancement to our faith coverage for our readers. In addition, we have also included 10 quiz questions in each chapter to test our readers – sports knowledge or their patience! We also have photos from international photographer Father Lawrence Lew in the book. Included is a chapter of Biblical poems that McCaskey has read in churches in Lake Forest after Mass. Many poems have a humorous twist to them. You can order Worthwhile Struggle under the product section on this website.