Loyola Chicago (19-12, 12-6) is the 2019 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament top seed. Loyola has won back-to-back conference regular-season titles. The 43rd MVC post-season tourney is being held in St. Louis once again–beginning this evening. The tournament culminates in the championship game on Sunday March 10.  According Loyola Coach Porter Moser, this year it is a tournament any on the combatants can win—teams are evenly matched. The MVC Tournament Champion gets an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.

College basketball fans know Sister Jean of Loyola, the team Chaplain and cheer leader who selflessly has devoted herself to Catholic schools (and students) for her entire adult life. As someone in athletics who has lived an exemplary life, we included Sister Jean in Patrick McCaskey’s new book, Worthwhile Cover. In fact, we include her image on the cover as well.