Sister Jean is featured on the cover of 2019 Sports and Faith Series Book called Worthwhile Struggle, which is available from this site under Products. We include Sister Jean’s story on the first few page of the book. Sister Jean has been an excellent spokesperson for Loyola University and she has graced the news, social media, and newspapers with her positive stories in a wonderful way.

Our Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey includes many stories like Sister Jean’s along with autobiographical topics and plenty of Bears history throughout. There is a  faith component in Patrick’s books that includes a different slant for each title.  In Worthwhile Struggle, we include a story of important saints in each chapter. A special chapter at the end of the book includes the author’s poems on Biblical themes.

There are three other Sports and Faith books in the Series. The first book, which we called Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout has Father Joe Freedy a former QB from the University of Buffalo on the cover. Many of the authors close friends in both charitable circles and sports are discussed. The second book called Sports and Faith: More Stories of the Devoted and the Devout has Father Burke Masters a former second baseman at Mississippi State on the cover. Christian coaches and athletes who are making a difference are discussed in this book along with some of the author’s impressive family history. The third book in the series called Pilgrimage includes the author on the cover and  includes more stories of the sports faithful as well as little history in each chapter on Christian Pilgrimage sites.

Patrick McCaskey provides an interesting slant in his books that is multidimensional. First, he is part of the professional sports establishment as a long time employee and one of the owners of the Chicago Bears.  He is a member of the founding family of not only the Bears, but the NFL. He has decades of personal experiences with Bears players, coaches, administrators, and fans.  His family has also been associated with some of the greatest charitable causes and institutions.  And he himself has been an athlete with no small measure of Papa Bear George Halas’s DNA!

The Sports and Faith Series books are all accessible and easy to read.