If you watch college basketball, you know about Sister Jean of Loyola University, Chicago. She was present for every  twist and turn of Loyola this year.Part of Sister’s duties has her focused on team members’  education and personal development. Sister Jean also scouts  opposing teams and has
delivered scouting reports to Head  Coach Porter Moser.Sister Jean is only 5-foot tall, but happy  to work with young athletes and students. The articulate,  young-sounding 99-year-old woman is a media sensation  who has created positive energy along with the Loyola athletes,  coaches, and fans. During the 2018 NCAA Basketball  Tournament, Sister Jean received national attention as the  team continued on a path of upsets and nail-biters.


We are weeks ago from publication of our new book, Worthwhile Struggle, the fourth book in our series on Sports and Faith. Like other books in the Sports and Faith Series, Worthwhile Struggle a personal chronicle of Chicago Bears Senior Director Patrick McCaskey that looks back at decades of spiritual enrichment and life lessons from athletes, coaches, religious, and everyday people. McCaskey recalls the stories of those who worked hard to make the cut on and off the field plus people who left comfortable lives to serve the under-served in extraordinary ways–like Sister Jean. In Worthwhile Struggle, each chapter also includes a brief story on one of the saints.