In our Sports and Faith books we honor someone on the cover who is particularly inspiring.  For Worthwhile Struggle in the series, we included a section at the front of the book on Sister Jean and the Loyola Ramblers Basketball championship run. Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt was the chaplain of the team and has performed a number of additional duties for the students at Loyola. It is remarkable in that she has been a great and positive influence on the school–there to serve the students and do whatever she could to help the school. Amazing as it seems, Sister Jean celebrated her 100th birthday this year.

Sister Jean is one of those people we cover in our sports and faith books, the series that “promotes the good” as we like to say.  Published earlier this year, Worthwhile Struggle is loaded with interesting information and stories on sports and faith–it is written by Chicago Bears Patrick McCaskey–who by way, did take a few courses at Loyola as well.