Going out with Sporting Chance Press author J. D. Thorne to speaking engagements I heard him talk principles, players and his own experience from The 10 Commandments of Baseball.  We’ll be setting up new presentations for his new book, Baseball’s Winning Ways.  To Thorne’s presentations, the audience often reacts to what he was saying and often mention stories and experiences of their own.  Often, J. D. and his audiences remember a special love they both had for the game and its players.

Sporting Chance Press author Patrick McCaskey is a grandson of George Halas, the founder of the Chicago Bears. Halas was a leading member of the original NFL organization. Some people might imagine that they would have little in common with his family, but that’s not true. In many ways, Pat and his siblings were raised like many of us with shared bedrooms, chores, school work, athletics, and much more.  Sure there are experiences Pat had that are much different, but there is a lot of common situations as well.  Often Pat’s presentations, like his books, talk about some funny things that happened to him that most of us can appreciate.  As a teenager, Pat once hopped on his bike and road 10 miles to see a girl he had met—she wasn’t home. Pat also shares his faith experiences and what it has meant to him. In books like Sportsmanship and Worthwhile Struggles these stories become a tangible record of his adventures.

I always find it a little difficult to sit at a table sometimes at an event staring down at a collection of books that some people might see as a commodity—books for $12.50 or $20.  But for me these books are about flesh and blood experiences—laughter and tears—and much more. Books can instill thoughts and emotions in people and we often see this in presentations as well.