After more than 100 years, MLB Baseball’s Cleveland Indians announced they are dropping the team name of “Indians.”

The reason the club adopted the name “Indians” in the first place was inspired by Louis Sockalexis.  He was the first Native American Indian to play in the major leagues, circa 1897.  He played only three years for the Cleveland team, originally known as the “Spiders.”  But he was so great a player that he grew in the popular imagination as a mythical figure.  So overwhelming was his playing, that the Cleveland team became popularly better known as the “Indians.”   He was acclaimed at the time as a “g.o.a.t.” (“greatest of all time.”).  He could run one hundred yards in under ten seconds.  Management changed the team name to “Indians.”  The Indians became World Series Champions!

            I guess a rose by any other name will smell as sweet?

  1. D. Thorne

            Author of Baseball’s Winning Ways, available on Amazon Books

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