Our Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey offers an interesting array of stories and features. In Worthwhile Struggle, our fourth book in the series, one of the features is the quiz questions we included at the end if each chapter. The questions are somewhat of an eclectic mix most based on some the material from our books. Here is a few:

Tough man for a tough city. Never thought the press needed to know everything about a man’s personal life. Thought coaches and players needed a life outside of football–he had many interests himself. Grew up in Cleveland. Who was this coach who led many Hall of Famers to a dynasty in the 1970s?

Who was “Mr. Clean, the Hitman” according to the Super Bowl Shuffle?

Name the two Bears’ players who had their numbers retired, but are not in the Hall of Fame?

Which Bears’ head coach played quarterback  at the University of Minnesota behind Tony Dungy?

Patrick McCaskey includes many stories of sports personalities and others in Worthwhile Struggle that he has known as the grandson of Papa Bear George Halas and his long career with the Chicago Bears. Athletes who lead exemplary lives is a theme throughout the series and is part of McCaskey’s life as Chairman of Sports Faith International and WSFI radio. Another feature in Worthwhile Struggle is a biography of a saint in each chapter.