Our last two Sports and Faith Series books (Books 3 and 4) have a unique organization. We mixed in some more material on faith that stands on its own. Our earlier books mostly dealt with sports and the relation of faith to the athletes, coaches and others we cover. But one of the bookstore people suggested that we should have more material devoted directly to faith. I’ll elaborate a little.

Pilgrimage (Book 3) was a great joy to produce. In Pilgrimage at the start of each chapter we included a little overview of the most popular pilgrimage sites for Christians. In Chapter One, we began with material on the El Camino de Santiago–the Way of Saint James.  We were excited to do this because the Way continues to become a great pilgrimage trek for adventurous Christians who are ready to drive themselves on what many call a spiritual journey of a lifetime.  From the Camino, we go to vignettes of people and places like our other books–mixing sports and faith. Chapter Two begins with the Holy Land. In just a few pages we examine the basics of a pilgrimage to the places that we recognize in Christ’s life. More vignettes of sports and faith follow and then we go on to Rome. In this chapter I am particularly pleased with our very brief story on Saint Peter’s Basilica–called by many the finest thing in the universe! The book presents just enough information on the pilgrimage sites to resurrect some memories of some or give young people a quick overview for the first time.  Pilgrimage is a book of few words and great thoughts.  You can see more in our product section on this site.

Worthwhile Struggle (Book 4) gave us the opportunity to include a biography of a saint towards the end of each chapter. This time the chapters were ordered according to the author’s (Patrick McCaskey) 10 Commandments of Football, a list of football principles that are part life-lessons seasoned with a little humor.  Each chapter begins with a commandment and then followed by sports celebrities and other stories that punctuated at the end with the basics on a saint.  And we don’t stop there, included also in each chapter are sports quizzes. Worthwhile Struggle also includes an 11th Chapter that includes the author’s Biblical Poems that he often reads at church. Like all things McCaskey, these also have a dash of unexpected humor that somehow the author is able to carry off.  Again, you can see more in our product section on this site.