We lost two positive people at the end of 2021. These beloved celebrities were Betty White and John Madden. Not surprising these people were popular with all ages and it was tough to see them go. 

We live in an age of different opinions about most everything. A few minutes on the Internet, watching television, listening to the radio, or other media consumption tells us just how divided our culture is today. Our Sports and Faith Series by Patrick McCaskey provides a traditional perspective on the Catholic faith and Christian views. It not a theological series, it’s just a layman’s thoughts on our world of sports and faith. Pat includes stories that promote the positive. As a society if we devalue the positive and stop paying attention to those who are positive, we lose. 


In our efforts to promote the positive at Sporting Chance Press, we have published these titles by Patrick McCaskey: 

Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout

Sports and Faith: More Stories of the Devoted and the Devout


 Worthwhile Struggle


 Tuition Rebate (forthcoming)


We also have published Pat’s books of biblical Poems:


 Poems About the Gospel

 Poems About the Gospel II 


Part of Pat’s message is that sports can be a positive influence on our lives as well. Certainly, they have been for him.

He includes stories of athletes and other who live exemplary lives.

There are many people that Pat writes about that provide good and inspiring examples. We could also provide examples of people who live poorly and provide examples of failure, but that’s not in our brief! The last few years have certainly provided enough bad news to overwhelm the good news at times,  so we are working extra hard to provide more positive.

I am reminded of people who might be overwhelmed with lots of bad news and how sports can lift them out of their funk at times. This was something that Pat McCaskey’s grandfather, George “Papa Bear” Halas, understood when he developed professional football. The game provided a shot in the arm for people who were living through the Depression, Wars, and other crisis. Halas was a man of faith and he needed it to keep him going. Sports has a way to help people heal in a sense. Life was a struggle for Halas for decades, but he made it work.

Faith is fundamental and keeps us on the right path. Sports can provide excellent metaphors of life lessons and inspiration, but without the fundamentals of faith, it can veer off into unexpected directions. That why we are committed to “sports and faith.”