In our latest 2020 Sports and Faith Book, Sportsmanship by Patrick McCaskey, we include a special Chicago Bears‘ Calendar of historical events. As the football season begins to wind down, it’s always great to have some reading material for the off-season and as a football fan, the offseason is awful long. If you are a Bears fan, the calendar will reacquaint you with events and players who had interesting roles in the Bears fortunes over the years.

Like other Sports and Faith books, individual chapters feature interesting stories, sports segments, personal reminiscences, faith experiences, and the author’s humorous musings. The author is a 45-year veteran and Vice President of the Chicago Bears. McCaskey is also a Bears’ historian based on his personal role with the team and his many writings about them over the years. The author shares his thoughts on his favorite writers and also includes many of his poems for which he is known. McCaskey is also a grandson of George “Papa Bear” Halas.

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