Sportsmanship spotlights the people, places, and events that keep our author Patrick McCaskey busy pretty much every day of the year.  As a member of the Halas-McCaskey family and Vice President of the Chicago Bears, Patrick starts out by presenting a calendar of noteworthy events that celebrate a bit of Bears history from the team’s 100 years. Facts surrounding many Bears’ players and their achievements are found here reflecting the hundred year history of the team.  Patrick is known for his love and knowledge of Bears’ history.

Next, individual chapters feature interesting stories, sports segments, personal reminiscences, faith experiences, and the author’s humorous musings. These are the elements readers have found in all five books in our Sports and Faith Series: Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout; Sports and Faith: More Stories of the Devoted and the Devout; Pilgrimage; Worthwhile Struggle; and now Sportsmanship.  These are the wonderful positive life experiences that are covered our Sports and Faith Series.

Reflecting the practice of classic sports journalist memoirs, McCaskey has frequently written about his favorite athletes and coaches. In Sportsmanship, the author adds a new twist to this practice by including a chapter on favorite writers who have inspired him.  Many will find these of interest and for some they will represent many who have contributed to our cultural heritage.

Perhaps a surprise for some readers will be the author’s chapter on biblical poems based on the four Gospels. These poems focus on the truths found in the readings along with a little McCaskey humor.

Towards the end of the volume are McCaskey’s speeches that have been used at social and civil events, motivational presentations to churches and schools, and all types of occasions relating to his passion, the Chicago Bears. As a Bears’ Vice President who is immersed in community outreach and personal charitable pursuits, McCaskey writes about many exceptional people that he has known along the way. Writing and speaking for many decades, the author is an athlete in his own right whose tastes in literature have influenced his career. McCaskey has always followed his grandfather George Halas’s advice to maintain a positive outlook. At the same time, readers will recognize his own enthusiasm for respecting those around him and taking time to smile and enjoy himself in his efforts.

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