Jack Norworth was an actor and singer who one day penned the lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” which was completed when composer Albert Von Tilzer  added music in 1908. The song was popular for many years, but broadcaster Harry Carry made it a standard in baseball parks all over by his famous renditions for the White Sox and then the Cubs. A virtual version launched in 2020. This year, after more than year of the Coronnavirus and its ramifications, the sound of “Take Me Out to the Ballpark” has more heart-felt meaning than ever before.  The stadiums attendance is still under strict controls, but there are enough people at the parks to make some real noise and cheer on the sports with enthusiasm.

At Sporting Chance Press, we were busy in the offseason working on our latest book, Baseball’s Winning Ways.

Baseball’s Winning Ways is written for enjoyment, inspiration, and information by the author of The 10 Commandments of Baseball, J. D. Thorne. Baseball’s Winning Ways examines baseball eras and their backgrounds, along with profiles of great current and past players. The drama of the game, its history, baseball superstitions, statistics, and the story of trading cards are presented clearly for readers from age 12 on up. The central theme of the book is baseball’s principles that are essential to the best baseball programs. The author points out that baseball promotes certain virtues that are so important today. These are the values that parents, grandparents, teachers, and coaches want to pass down to the next generation—as important now as ever.