What a beautiful sentiment Theodore Roosevelt made when he said:  “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

I think our work at Sporting Chance Press is “worth work doing with books like Baseball’s Winning WaysSportsmanshipMaddie Takes the IcePillars of the NFL and others. “Work worth doing” is something we love to do and like everyone we are hoping for great success in 2021. 

In our book, Papa Bear and the Chicago Bear’s Winning Ways, one of the George Halas quotes featured: ” Nothing is work unless  you’d rather be doing something else.” This is another tremendous sentiment. Some people might read this as “get out there and do something you love.” My personal opinion is that in many cases we end up doing something we are drawn towards, but for some reason we bemoan the fact. Many young graduates end up in jobs for which they are overqualified, but that doesn’t mean they have to hate them and it certainly doesn’t equate to a life sentence.  Just think of the people who bought an established business but they begin by working for the owner doing whatever is needed. 

“Tom Monaghan Cooks Up a Crusade” is brief section in Sports and Faith: More Stories of the Devoted and the DevoutMonaghan came from a tough family background and focused his energy on the pizza business. Working long long hours, living in modest conditions, Monahan invested every nickel he made back into his business. Monaghan certainly must have thought that his hard work was worth doing. After he and his wife Margie worked for decades with little payback, things started to turn. Eventually, their Domino’s Pizza made them wealthy. They became even wealthier when Monaghan sold his business for over $1 billion. After spending some money on things he had wanted, he was pulled towards a more philanthropic direction and he started to spend his fortune helping others and improving education as he saw fit. 

Western Civilization’s largest work project was Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome as discussed in our Pilgrimage book. No less that 21 Popes, 8 architects, and many great artists worked on the Basilica for over 100 years.  The Basilica has been called “the finest thing in the universe.”  Was it work worth doing?