Connie Mack Berry

Connie Mack Berry was an exceptional athlete who played baseball, basketball, and football at North Carolina State University in the late 1930s. He would go on to play professional football and basketball, and also spend a couple years in the Chicago Cubs minor league organization. Berry was 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds. In the 1930s, with limited scholarship money, North Carolina State counted on athletes who could play multiple sports. Berry may have been the greatest multiple-sport star in NC State history.[1] During the war years from 1942-1946, Berry would play end for the Bears. He played on the Bears’ 1943 and 1946 Championship teams.  In 1944, Berry scored 6 touchdowns on receptions. Berry had also played for the Lions, Rams and Green Bay Packers. In Hunk Anderson’s Notre Dame, Chicago Bears and “Hunk,” he discusses intelligence that Berry got from his former Packer teammates. Packers’ defender, Buckets Goldenberg, was reading Bears QB Sid Luckman’s leg movements to determine in advance whether the Bears were passing or running.[2] Luckman and Anderson sent “Buckets” some “different” signals in an important game during the 1943 season, which the Bears won.

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