We come up with names like Hockey Mom or Soccer Mom that attempts to define certain women and their behavior, but often these names are used to make fun. We ought to know that such generalizations don’t fit everyone, but we should applaud moms who support their kids in sports and faith.

Most of us know that few people need to skip attendance at church these days even while being out of town for athletic events. In the Catholic Church there are masses on Saturday night and Sunday morning, afternoon, and evening. A Catholic Sports and Faith mom will see that kids make it to church even during busy weekends. If the family finds themselves in a town where no services are provided, now we all know how to gather around some connected device to take it in remotely. Moms of Sports and Faith will see that it’s done. 

I’ve known Moms who have several kids who participated in multiple sports. They were there for all of it, sometimes taking in games for one child at one place and then rushing off to see another child at yet another event. Some Sports and Faith Moms can take several games in one day for three or four children. 

It helps if the mom has a love for sports herself. 

Kids who play at a young age are the cutest to watch, but the games can require a lot of patience. Some parents bow out pretty quickly as the child gets a little older. But the Sports and Faith Mom wants to be there as long as she can offer support. When the teenage years arrive, there may be away games where the team is driven in a few cars by coaches. There might be a disconnect for a short time and then the teenager is playing in high school and it’s all good again for mom to be present. But the Sports and Faith Mom is all in.

Of course, the Sports and Faith Mom wants to see her children grow with good values and virtues. So when another parent displays horrible sportsmanship, she may come up with ways to counteract it. She is a mom of Sports and Faith, so good behavior is always important. 

When the last child plays the last game and the gear is all stowed away, the Sports and Faith Mom might be a little sad to see it all end. Or she may be glad to have more of her own life back again. If her children start having their children, she will have to decide whether she wants to be a Sports and Faith Grandma. 



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